Kamau’s New CD & Boots Riley Kickstarts the tour


We have two weeks to go on this Kickstarter campaign. That means TWO weeks to raise $10,000 or we get NONE OF IT. The Kickstarter deadline is September 9, but our first show is September 10 in Arizona. We’ve paid deposits on theaters, bought plane tickets, and the whole bit. We’re going to visit the border and then do a show. So we need to raise the money in order to make a cool film that will continue our mission to take back America for the cool people, joke by joke.

That’s why anyone who donates to our Kickstarter campaign here and now, in the next 24 hours, before 2:20 Pacific Time on Saturday, will get a free download of the new comedy CD by W. Kamau Bell. He’s hard at work in his subterranean layer laying down the tracks, and you get it first if you contribute now.

Also, to seal the deal on our fundraising, we have an event for our Bay Area friends. On Tuesday, September 6, at Stagewerx Theater in San Francisco, W. Kamau Bell will be in conversation with our friend Boots Riley. Laughter Against the Machine is trying to do some form of comedy what Boots has been doing for hip hop for years. Let’s get to the bottom of it. Advance tickets are here, all proceeds go to help the final days of our kickstarter fundraising.

Don’t miss it.

Boots & Kamau, in San Francisco's Financial District, ready to get some apologies.


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