1st show of #LATMTour is in the books… umm… camera.

It is almost midnight here in Phoenix and #LATMTour (That’s our hashtag if you roll Twitter style.) has had a great 1st show and day of filming. After some airport hijinks — We will get into that on another post. — we went straight from the Phoenix airport to interview Carlos Garcia of Puente AZ. He was super knowledgeable, committed, and patient with our tardiness. — Again we will get into that later.

Then the three of us sat down with the S and M Podcast which is the local comedy scene’s version of WTF with Marc Maron. And despite the fact that Nato and Kamau needed naps after that, we went straight to the show at Space 55, and it was great. It really felt very similar to the Bay Area shows. Kevin Gassman who interviewed Kamau on KWSS radio earlier this week was in the audience. Also Jeff Chang from CultureStrike was there, as was Steve MArek and Jaime Sanderson from the S and M podcast. We will be doing lots of stuff with CultureStrike in the next couple days, including taking a trip across the border to Mexico. That will be Kamau’s first trip.

We ended the evening eating a taco truck with Carlos, his wife, Janine’s girlfriend, her girlfriend’s friends and family, Jeff, Keri (our manager), Evan (our lone camera person). The truck had a sticker on it that basically certified it a safe place for all people to eat, documented and otherwise. Pretty intense stuff. And very delicious food. More soon. I’m about to pass out. Long day.

Oh yeah… Happy September 11th Day. Seriously, have a happy one. It won’t be easy.


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