#LATMtour first day in Tucson

Hellooooooo LATMers, LATMaronis, LATMos, LATMees, whatever your call yourself (I’ll allow you to self-identify.)

Today we trekked from sunny Phoenix to equally sunny Tucson and boy are my dogs tired! (I like to imagine that I have a pack of tiny puppies that accompany us on the trip when I say that phrase but, unfortunately, my “puppy pack” idea was nixed during the budget meeting. Oh yeah! BTW, thanks, Kickstarter supporters!)

We’re still riding on a high from a great first show in Phoenix and now we’re excited about the amazing folks we’re meeting at the 2011 CultureStrike Delegation. We’ve already talked to many artists and organizers here at our hotel and there will be many more insightful, poignant, AND hilarious conversations to come. (Also, potential swimsuit footage. Feel free to take that as a warning or enticement.)

I had a wonderful conversation with undocumented, queer artivist Julio Salgado about art, it’s role in activism, and multiple identities. 


Alas, my sugar high has crashed and Kamau’s telling me that it’s my bedtime, so gnight!



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